Where Does The Diffuser Assembly Install in the septic tank?

It is important to understand the multiple tasks the SepAerator™ Wonderfuser assembly performs in order to realize the importance of the placement of it inside a septic tank. The Wonderfuser sits solidly on the bottom of the septic tank. It evenly introduces oxygen inside the septic tank 360 degrees around it. The introduced air rises and hits a deflection area creating a specifically designed rolling action that causes all the solids that first enter the septic tank to be broken down generally within the first 30 seconds. This action leaves only very small particles that are continually moving allowing aerobic bacteria to quickly attach to those fine particles and devour.

Single Compartment Septic Tanks

This type of individual septic tank is very common and generally what we find the majority of people have. It consists of ONE septic tank with an inlet baffle and an outlet baffle. When installing the SepAerator™ diffuser assembly inside this type of septic tank its placement should be close to and preferably right under the inlet baffle. This allows the Wonderfuser to break the waste down immediately after it enters the septic tank with action similar to a household blender. We highly recommend the SepAerator™ Premium package in single compartment septic tanks that includes our Air Particle Recirculator, which greatly reduces any small particles from discharging into the secondary treatment system.

Double Compartment Septic Tanks

The same principle applies with this type of individual septic tank with two compartments. This would be the second most common septic tank system we deal with. The Wonderfuser, as in the single compartment septic tank would be mounted in the first compartment just below the inlet. This will allow all the waste that enters the septic tank to be broken down very quickly. The second compartment would act, as we refer to it in the aerobic industry, a settling compartment. In the settling compartment the effluent would not be moving remaining relatively calm. Any fine particles that might exit the first compartment would settle to the bottom of the second compartment causing only clear and odorless effluent to discharge the septic tank. This type of set-up is an ideal candidate for any of the SepAerator™ Packages.

Triple Compartment Septic Tanks

In a three compartment septic tank the Wonderfuser would work the best inside the middle compartment. This would allow the first compartment to act as a trash tank catching all the debris that sometimes gets flushed down the drains that will not break down. The second compartment would house the Wonderfuser creating the aerobic activity there. Then the third compartment would act as the settling compartment as described above. This also is a very good application and a tank like this would be similar to many Class 1 Aerobic Systems. We recommend our SepAerator™ Value package for this application as well as our SepAerator™ Saver Packages. The Air Particle Recirculator is not needed as much in this application.

Multiple Septic Tanks

This would include 2 separate septic tanks hooked in line with each other where the waste would enter the first septic tank, break down the larger solids, and then discharge into the second septic tank where additional breakdown would occur. Although we rarely see a double tank set up like this, which we would estimate that less than 1% of the inquiries we receive have, the Wonderfuser placement would be similar to the Double Compartment Septic Tank set-up. The Wonderfuser would be placed in the first septic tank closest to the house below the inlet. As described before all the waste would be broken down in the first tank with up to 95% clear water discharging into the second septic tank. The second septic tank would then act as a settling compartment allowing any fine particles that might have left the first septic tank to settle to the bottom ensuring only the cleaner effluent could discharge. As with all the other septic tank set-ups it is important to remember that the Wonderfuser does much more than just place air in the tank. It is a waste breaking down machine that when properly placed will create such a movement inside the septic tank as to act like a household blender. This is just one of the many features that set the SepAerator™ far ahead of any competition. The SepAerator™ Premium or Value Packages would be an ideal candidate for this type of system.