The Versatility of The SepAerator™ - Many Applications

Septic tanks and Field Absorption Systems: 

Change the dynamic of how a septic tank works from anaerobic bacteria to aerobic bacteria. The benefits include processing the waste inside the septic tank and discharging a clear and odorless effluent into the field absorption system. This will eliminate the biomat buildup in the field and naturally clean effluent will absorb into the soils much easier than raw sewage from a septic tank

BioMat Buildup in a Field Absorption System

Benefits: Prolong the life of and rejuvenate most Field Absorption Systems by processing the waste inside the septic tank and then starving the biomat by eliminating the anaerobic bacteria

Septic tanks and Sand Filter Systems:

Sand Filters utilize a septic tank and large filter made of different layers and sizes of gravel. These systems utilize aerobic bacteria in the sand filter to process the organic matter (sewage) leaving the septic tank.

Benefits: By converting the septic tank to an aerobic process the aerobic bacteria will be strong with much of the waste processed inside the septic tank making the sand filter work better and last longer.

Sand Filter System

Aerobic Treatment Systems: 

These types of systems utilize some form of air device and diffusion system. Some even have a motor sitting inside the tank with a shaft spinning continuously. Many times some of these parts can be difficult to find when replacement is needed. The SepAerator™ will work in these types of systems as a retrofit.

Benefits: Very easy installation with a diffuser that is virtually maintenance free. The SepAerator™ air pumps generally use less than $6.00 per month of electricity.

Illustration of Shaft Aerator

Illustration of Septic Tank Aerator with SepAerator™


Grease Traps:

Grease is very difficult to break down with anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria generated by the SepAerator™, has proven to be much more effective at digesting grease. Grease can cause a lot of damage to any type of secondary treatment system making it extremely important to break it down inside the tank.

Benefits: Reduces pumping intervals and greatly prolongs the secondary treatment system.

Gray Water Tanks:

These types of systems primarily have tainted water. By adding the SepAerator™ to these tanks the tainted water can be turned into a much cleaner effluent. Many states allow treated effluent to discharge the ground surface provided these discharges meet certain standards.

Drip Irrigation systems:

Many drip systems have a septic tank in front of the drip field. Although today many states will only allow drip systems to be installed provided they have an aerobic system in front of them for years they were installed behind a septic tank. Drip systems like these will last much longer and work much better by converting the septic tank to an aerobic process. The SepAerator™ will do that and process the wastewater to approximately 95% clear and odorless effluent making the drip tubing work much better. Drip tubing has very small orifices for the wastewater to be pumped through. If the wastewater being pumped to the tubing contains to large of organic matter the tubing can become clogged. Once this happens the life of the system is greatly reduced.

Benefits: By simply adding the SepAerator™ to the septic tank in front of the drip system the drip system will last much longer and work much better. Clogged orifices should generally start working again.

Raised Mound Systems:

Most of these systems has a septic tank in front of a large mound that is built above ground. These systems are generally found in states with poor soils that will not readily absorb effluent. Mounds are made of different types of media built above these soils that will allow the discharge from the septic tank to spread out over a large area and absorb both up through the grass roots systems on top of the mound as well as down through the media and into the top soils found onsite. Many of these systems fail by allowing some type of leakage at the base of these mounds. Most of these leaks consist of raw sewage that exited the septic tank.

Benefits: By adding the SepAerator™ to the existing septic tank and processing the wastewater inside the septic tank and then discharging approximately 95% clear effluent into these mounds they naturally will work much better and last much longer. Most septic tanks discharge 70 to 80% organic matter that will not readily absorb into these poor soils. The leaks should stop and even if they don’t stop completely the discharge will be clear and odorless. No more smelly raw sewage lying on top of the ground.

Newly Designed Systems:

Many engineers can design a new septic system utilizing the SepAerator™. By doing this you can have a new septic system that fits your needs exactly.

Benefits: Allows you to utilize new technology that may not otherwise be available in your area.

Subsurface Disposal: 

Any type of septic tank system with subsurface disposal such as Low Pressure dosing, Subsurface seepage systems utilizing rock trenches, infiltrator, sock pipe, CessPools, Mound Systems, Drip Systems, At Grade systems, etc. will greatly benefit from adding a SepAerator™. With the effluent discharging the septic tank being clear and odorless any type of septic tank system will work much better and last much longer than those without the SepAerator™.

Benefits: The SepAerator™ provides an inexpensive way to convert any septic tank system to an aerobic process. By processing the waste inside the septic tank rather than in the secondary treatment system even though systems located in marginal soils will work as good or in some cases better than when it was new.

Large and Unusual Systems:

A SepAerator™ Package can be designed to be added to large unconventional systems such as Campgrounds, Mobile Home Parks, Restaurants, etc. We have a formula that can properly size the amount of air per gallon of wastewater being processed per day that will enable any combination of SepAerator™ packages to be added to even large systems. We have many very satisfied and repeat customers who even after seeing it themselves find it somewhat hard to believe how clean their discharges are after adding the right combination of SepAerator™ packages to their existing systems.

Benefits: Make these types of very expensive systems work better than when they were brand new. Save many tens of thousands of dollars that it would cost to replace these large systems.