Septic Solutions® - Onsite Wastewater Professionals

The Largest Septic System Installation Company in Illinois

The owners of Septic Solutions® also own a company called James Backhoe Service, Inc. which was started in 1989. James Backhoe Service designs and installs on average 150 septic systems each year, have installed as many as 259 systems in a single year. In the early 1990s, JBS began installing NSF Class 1 Aerobic Systems. A NSF Class 1 Aerobic System is an alternative system to a septic tank and drainfield system. The NSF Class 1 Aerobic system processes all of the wastewater within the tank, using the aerobic process, and then discharges better than 98% clear odorless water. In many areas these systems will surface discharge into a ditch, pond, lake, stream, etc., which shows the high quality of effluent that they can produce.

James Backhoe Service is the largest septic system installation company in the state of Illinois. On top of installing new and replacement systems, JBS also services and maintains thousands of systems. Many of our customers keep annual service agreements where our technicians go out onsite twice per year to inspect and maintain the septic system. Nothing can surpass the valuable experience we have gained in installing and servicing those thousands of systems and this experience was incorporated into development of the SepAerator™.

Septic Solutions® Assembles and Distributes Aerobic Systems

Septic Solutions has been in business since 2000 as an Illinois state distributor of Class 1 Aerobic Systems. Our company has assembled and distributed more than 6,500 Class 1 Aerobic Systems from our location in Dieterich, Illinois. During this time our staff has trained a large network of dealers and septic installers on the subjects of installing and maintaining these systems. Septic Solutions also carries a product line of over 750 products for both Aerobic Systems and Anaerobic Septic Systems. We provide these products to installers, contractors, maintenance providers, and homeowners all over the globe.

The President of Septic Solutions was a past President of the Onsite Wastewater Professionals of Illinois and is currently on an Advisory Commision and has been for the past 6 years. This Commission’s purpose is to provide valuable input to the Illinois Department of Public Health for the continuing process of updating our current Illinois Sewage Code.

Our current Class 1 Aerobic System was designed with major input from the professionals at Septic Solutions, Inc. The design and manufacturing of these Class 1 Aerobic systems and working with other installers and regulators has provided invaluable experience that helped us to create the SepAerator™ product line and make it the best home remidiation system on the market today!

The Aerobic Industry has been around for more than 50 Years

The science of using the aerobic proccess to treat wastewater has been around for more than 50 years. This is not a new technology, but a process with a long history and a proven track record.

The SepAerator™ utilizes this technology to fix biomat problems in secondary wastewater treatment systems (drainfields, mound systems, sand filters, etc.) by treating the wastewater in the septic tank before it discharges to the secondary system. This is also not new technology and has been done by companies for more than 35 years, including our company since 1994.