Make the sepAerator™ Your Alternative

Aerobic Technologies Are Not New!!

Mother Nature has been using aerobic bacteria that thrive on oxygen since the beginning of time. When you see a running stream or babbling brook running down the hillside and across the boulders you are witnessing Mother Nature’s aerobic treatment method to purify her waters. This running water will generate oxygen growing aerobic bacteria that quickly devour many of the impurities associated with those waters.

Municipal Treatment Plants all across the country utilize the introduction of large amounts of oxygen introduced into the wastewater entering these treatment plants to proliferate the growth of aerobic bacteria. These large Municipal Treatment Plants process many millions of gallons of raw sewage per day. Once your local City’s Treatment plant aerobically cleans their waste up it is then sent to the neighboring river or stream.

Simple septic systems utilize anaerobic bacteria that thrive without oxygen. This method of processing waste is much less effective than aerobic bacteria. Some of the advantages of adding the SepAerator to your existing septic tank are:

  • Rejuvenates existing secondary treatment systems by eliminating the clogging bio-mat associated with simple septic systems.
  • Creates approximately 95% clear and odorless discharge from an existing septic tank. This cleaner effluent can be absorbed into even marginal soils much easier than organic laden raw sewage normally found discharging from a septic tank.
  • Eliminates 90 to 95% of the disease carrying pathogens such as coliforms and e-coli that discharge from a normal septic tank.
  • One of the definite by-products of adding a SepAerator to your existing septic system would be the minimal amount of excavation necessary to install it. Two small holes directly above the septic tank are all that is needed. The alternative of installing a new septic system that could cost $5,000 to $15,000 would in addition create yard damage that could take years to recover from and cost many extra thousands of dollars in landscaping replacement.

You Do Have An Alternative: The SepAerator™

The installation of a SepAerator only requires that you access the septic tank in two places. These two access points can easily be done with a shovel and a few minutes of hand work. Once the SepAerator equipment is installed you usually cannot tell that any excavation has been done. Once the SepAerator equipment is installed you basically can turn it on and forget about it. No damage to your backyard, no constant yard repair for the next year or so, and no high landscaping expenses to pay. Fixing your existing septic system, saving your yard, and saving untold thousands of dollars is a combination that is very hard to beat.

SepAerator Installed!