The SepAerator™ vs Our Competition - See How We Stack Up!

The SepAerator™ was designed and invented by the owners of Septic Solutions based on our more than 20 years experience in the aerobic industry. This experience consists of building, designing, installing, and servicing many thousands of Class 1 Aerobic systems. The SepAerator™ was developed over a 3 year period of extensive testing before it was ever put into the marketplace. Some additional upgrades and improvements have been made since the product was first introduced based on feedback from others along with our own field testing. This product was not the result of a homeowner looking for a cheap fix to their own septic problems, but a product designed by professionals with years of experience in the septic industry seeking a better and more reliable solution to fixing septic problems. The SepAerator™ is that solution!

Air Pumps

The SepAerator™ offers the best and most popular air pumps on the market in every package. These are the same heavy duty air pumps on Class 1 Aerobic Systems. Our pumps produce on average 3.7 cubic feet of air per minute, which also is the most popular size used in the Class 1 aerobic industry today.

Some competitors use very small air pumps, some of which are even enclosed in a small plastic box. In comparison to Class 1 Aerobic Systems, the size of some of these air pumps are significantly smaller. This means they create far less air than the professionals in the aerobic industry believe necessary to effectively produce a high quality of effluent. The exact size of some of these small air pumps remains a mystery as they do not provide any documentation as to how much air their pump creates. These competitors say less air is better and more efficient; however if this were the case, why does not one Class 1 Aerobic System out of over 40 use that small of an air pump? The answer is that in order to produce the high quality of effluent needed to qualify as a Class 1 Aerobic System, a heavy duty septic air pump like the one used in the SepAerator™ packages is needed.



Our very unique Wonderfuser diffuser assembly was developed through our experience with many different Class 1 Aerobic Systems and by our utilization of a combination of the best diffuser assemblies on the market today. We designed it, extensively tested it, own the only molds to manufacture it, and offer it exclusively in our SepAerator™ packages. It is not a product that can be purchased from a variety of different vendors. The SepAerator™ Wonderfuser is a Patented maintenance free diffuser device that sets solidly on the bottom of the tank and weighs 13 pounds. It introduces air through a large number of strategically placed orifices that have been tested over time to not restrict air flow. Once the air is introduced through these orifices it rises and hits a specially designed deflector area that creates a planned motion that rapidly breaks down any waste entering the tank, usually within 30 seconds.

Some of our competitors use a very small air stone floating or hanging in the tank as their diffuser. These types of stones are common items utilized primarily in water gardens or fish aquariums and are available through many different vendors. A problem associated with air stones are that after a period of time a build-up occurs on the outside of these stones making it very difficult for air to pass through them. This places a tremendous amount of backpressure on most air pumps and causes them to fail pre-maturely. Another common mistake made is to attach an air pump designed for Aerobic Systems to these small stones, similar to the size of the air pumps offered in our SepAerator™ packages. This is very hard on even top quality air pumps because they produce much more air than these small stones can distribute.

Air Particle Recirculator

The SepAerator™ exclusively offers our Patented Air Particle Recirculator in all of our Premium Packages. When you introduce enough air into the tank to produce a very high quality effluent the wastewater inside the tank will by design be continuously moving. To be effective, the SepAerator™ diffuser assembly will break down the majority of the waste within 30 seconds after it enters the tank. Enough air needs to be introduced that will cause these small broken down particles to continually be moving inside the tank allowing the aerobic bacteria to easily attach themselves to those particles. Since the broken down particles are so small, the aerobic bacteria can rapidly devour them. To basically eliminate the chances of any of these small particles from exiting the septic tank, we have designed the Air Particle Recirculator. By introducing air from the same air pump that feeds the diffuser assembly, we force all those broken down small particles away from the discharge area. This action greatly reduces the time frame between filter cleanings.

None of our competition has anything like the Air Particle Recirculator. Some use just a simple filter and some use nothing at all. Some compensate for not having something like the Air Particle Recirculator by using very small air pumps in an effort to not stir the tank up. Our competition promotes that by their use of small air pumps they can generate a very high quality of effluent, which in turn will take the pressure off your secondary treatment system and cause it to start working again. If this were actually the case than why wouldn’t even ONE of the more than 40 Class 1 NSF Certified and tested aerobic systems use this small of a pump?


The SepAerator™ offers a 1 year warranty on all the equipment we provide in our packages and a 6 month 100% money back guarantee on the Premium Package. To date we have not had One SepAerator™ Premium Package come back to us based on its failure to meet the standards included in our warranty. In addition we have many repeat customers.

Our competition offers similar warranties. Some even boldly offer up to a two year 100% satisfaction guarantee. This lengthy guarantee does not in any way mean that the product is better than or as good as anything else on the market. Remember the guarantee does not solve your existing septic problems, only the product can do that.