SepAErator™ Risk Reward Factors

Everyone who works in public health has a very important and necessary mindset to limit risk to a minimum. This is especially so when States and local health departments deal with onsite septic systems. Anything new could be risky; therefore a multitude of tests and data must accompany those products before installation is allowed in many states. This is an important and understandable attitude for those responsible for public health and environmental issues in their area.

The SepAerator™ should be considered a conversion kit that adds on to an existing septic tank with secondary treatment. The RISK factor to public health is 0% ZERO for the following reasons.

An existing septic tank breaks solids down, and then discharges 70 to 80% Raw Sewage to the secondary treatment system. The SepAerator™ by introducing the proper amount of oxygen will change the dynamic of a septic tank from anaerobic to aerobic bacteria. Aerobic bacteria, when provided with oxygen will grow much faster than anaerobic bacteria and will change that existing septic tank that is discharging 80% Raw Sewage to a septic tank that should discharge as high as 90% Clear and Odorless effluent. The benefits of this aerobic process continues into the secondary treatment system and the very same aerobic bacteria will rapidly devour the sewage that originally passed from the existing septic tank and is now clogging or plugging the soils and inhibiting the absorption process.

Should the SepAerator™ completely fail for any reason the septic tank would simply revert back to discharging 80% Raw Sewage just as it has since the initial installation.

The Risk factor for the Regulatory approval as it relates to public health is 0%. The Reward Factors are many, as the SepAerator™ will clean and process 90% of the wastewater inside the existing septic tank which in affect will prolong the life of and rejuvenate an existing secondary treatment system.

The science behind the SepAerator™ is simple and has been proven for more than 50 years throughout the United States.

There are more than 40 NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certified aerobic products on the market today. Some of those certified aerobic products are square, some round, and even some rectangular. Some have an overall capacity of 500 gallons, some 750, and some 1500 gallons. Some use a 40 liter per minute air pump, some a 60 liter per minute, most an 80 liter per minute pump, and some even larger. Some are made out of concrete, some fiberglass, and some roto-molded plastic products. Some have clarifier cones, some 3-compartment tanks, and some 2-compartment tanks. What all these different Aerobic products have in common, is that they have all passed NSF Standard 40 Certification testing and have been proven to very effectively process wastewater to a level as high as 98% Clear and Odorless effluent. Many states allow these aerobic systems to surface discharge.

Septic Solutions' SepAerator™ was developed by people with over 20 years experience in the aerobic industry.

The SepAerator™ has taken this technology and utilized the primary and in many cases identical components that has been successfully used on aerobic systems for many years. With the key components being a very quiet and efficient air pump, the most popular size air pump used in the aerobic industry, and a unique diffuser assembly developed by Septic Solutions, Inc. to provide a combination of fine and course air diffusion, the primary tools for providing an adequate amount of oxygen to promote aerobic bacteria growth are here. With the addition of a tested and proven septic tank filter a single compartment septic tank is essentially turned into a two-compartment tank. The septic tank filter in and of itself will assure that the secondary treatment system does not get solids pushed out of the septic tank, which could shorten its life.

Simple Aerobic technologies, including oxygen generating air pumps and septic tank filters pose zero risk to public health while providing many valuable reward factors.

Cleaner septic tank discharges, longer life of secondary treatment systems, and much less likelihood of contaminating seasonal high water tables or groundwater because of the much cleaner discharge are all SepAerator™ Reward Factors. A 100% satisfaction money back warranty for the homeowner completely eliminates their risk. In addition the SepAerator™ requires very minimal maintenance.

The SepAerator™ greatly reduces the Risk of contaminating the groundwater, humanity's greatest source of drinking water.

With an estimated 1 million failing septic tank and subsurface seepage systems across the United States, the potential for contaminating our ground water is great. The Risks for doing nothing with these types of systems are great. In research we’ve conducted there were some who concluded that the average life of a septic tank and subsurface seepage system was 9-years. Some would last longer, however some would fail sooner. These types of systems perpetuate the problems. When these types of systems discharge to the ground surface the Risks of dangerous pathogens causing contamination of wells, coming in contact with pets, or even human contact, are and should be a health concern.

Even when there is little or no discharge, the potential for this 80% raw sewage entering into our ground water has been proven a problem that must be addressed. The importance and need to process this raw sewage inside the existing tank is becoming more and more clear throughout the United States, as well as elsewhere. Mother Nature can use a little help.

By using the SepAerator™ Premium Package, the Risks to public health are 0%. When combined with Septic Solutions, Inc. 100% Money Back Guarantee, the Risks to the homeowner is 0%.

If the SepAerator™ does not produce a significantly better quality of effluent discharging from an existing septic tank, Septic Solutions, Inc. will offer the homeowner 100% of the purchase price of the SepAerator™ package back. Please review warranties included for complete details. With 0% Risk to States, Health Departments, and Homeowners why wouldn’t anyone let the SepAerator™ prove why it has many happy customers who already know and understand that the Rewards of using the SepAerator™ are great.