SepAerator™ Premium Package Details

The SepAerator™ uses only top quality air pumps that are designed and proven to run trouble free for many years. The Hiblow air pumps have proven to be high quality and high performance septic air pumps. The Hiblow air pump used on the SepAerator™ Premium package has an output of 3.7 c.f.m. and is effective at treating 500 gallons per day of wastewater or up to a 2000 gallon septic tank.

This air pump will use approximately $4 to $8 per month to operate. The Hiblow air pumps were designed to run continously and our system works best when operated that way. The average life of the diaphragms in the air pump is 5 to 7 years. The diaphragms are a replaceable part, and Septic Solutions® carries a full line of Hiblow Replacement Parts. If you decide to repair your unit when the diaphragms fail, a pump will last you around 10 to 12 years.

The Wonderfuser diffuser assembly is a unique design offered only in the SepAerator™ packages from Septic Solutions®. The Wonderfuser is maintenance free and very effective at not only transfering oxygen into the wastewater, but also breaking down large solids into tiny particles for easier digestion.

The Wonderfuser will be lowered and sat on the bottom of your septic tank on the inlet side. The base of the diffuser assembly weighs 13 pounds to ensure it will sit securely on the bottom. The diffuser is self-positioning, meaning you do not have to mount it in any way, nor do you have to worry about it falling over, as the top of the diffuser is buoyant and will always end up in the upright position.

The SepAerator™ Wonderfuser introduces oxygen some 10 inches off the bottom of a septic tank through a series of 48 orifices angled downward at approximately 35 degrees from top to bottom. When air is diffused in water and bubbles are created, the air bubbles want to travel straight up. The Wonderfuser has a deflection area 15 inches from the bottom that causes all rising air bubbles to be deflected outward 360 degrees around the diffuser. This allows the oxygen to stay in the tank much longer than other systems. Secondly the deflector creates a rolling action in the tank. This rolling action provides a very important function that causes the combined air and water movement to act somewhat like an oversized household blender exploding large solids into tiny particles for easier digestion.

Unique to the SepAerator™ Wonderfuser, by utilizing this deflected rolling action most solids that come into the tank are broken down into very small particles within 30 seconds. When those solids are rapidly broken into small particles that are continually moving inside the tank, aerobic bacteria generated by sufficient oxygen being introduced inside the tank, can quickly and easily attach themselves to those small particles. Much smaller and moving particles can be found and devoured by these aerobic bacteria very quickly resulting in a much higher quality of effluent.

An item offered exclusively with our SepAerator™ Premium package is the Air Particle Recirculator. The Air Particle Recirculator is a barrier to prevent solid material from exiting your septic tank and entering the drain field. This barrier is essential when adding aeration to a septic tank. Under normal conditions in a septic tank the solids will separate by floating to the top as scum and sinking to the bottom as sludge. This cannot happen in a single chamber tank with aeration, as all of the solids are continually being mixed, therefore something must be done to stop them from leaving the tank.

The Air Particle Recirculator functions as an effluent filter to stop particles, but has an added advantage over anything else you will see on the market today. A standard effluent filter under these conditions will have to be cleaned very regularly. By introducing air around the inlet of the Air Particle Recirculator, particles are pushed away from the inlet of the filter back towards the diffuser side of the tank where they will continue to break down. This action stops particles from entering and clogging the filter which allows for much longer periods between filter cleanings and produces a cleaner quality of effluent discharging from the sytem. Generally the Air Particle Recirculator will need to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months, but some systems have went as long as a few years without cleaning the filter.

There is no other product on the market that has anything close to the Air Particle Recirculator. The Air Particle Recirculator gives our product the ability to properly treat the wastewater with a powerful air pump, yet stop solids from being pushed into the drain field.

The SepAerator™ Premium Package includes our durable and attractive Air Pump Housing and Platform combination. These from manufacturered from roto-molded HDPE plastic designed to last many years sitting outside in various weather conditions. These products will withstand the strong Ultra-violet rays of the sun, extreme hot or cold weather, as well as keep your air pump out of rain or snow.

At both ends of the Housing are eight inch aluminum vents for adequate pump ventilation. One of the most important things anyone can do to protect their investment in a new air pump is to make sure that air pump does not run too hot. Inadequate ventilation can and will cause pre-mature failure of any air pump.

The SepAerator™ Housing and Platform was specifically designed and built for the sole purpose of protecting and ventilating our air pumps. The Housing has curved edges and a rolling curved top, which adds significantly to its strength.

The spa-flex air line is made up of a very high grade material that is very strong and flexible. Its flexibility allows for easy installation in even the most difficult of circumstances. Simply screw the threaded brass adapter attached to the air line into the fitting in the top of the diffuser. Lower the diffuser into the tank using the spa-flex and even swing it over into position if necessary. Curve the line up through the opening and out the side and then up and into the bottom of the housing where the other end hooks to the air pump. It cannot be much easier than that. This spa-flex can be glued to ½ schedule 40 pvc pipe if you want to extend the pump to a remote location. It is extremely tough and durable ensuring that it will deliver air from the pump to the diffuser trouble free for many years to come.

A complete Owners’ manual comes with each SepAerator™ package providing all the information necessary to not only easily install the SepAerator™ but also plenty of information on the proper operation of it after installation as well. When you purchase a SepAerator™ there is an abundance of information that comes with it, and all the technical support you might need to answer any and all your questions both during and after installation at 1-877-925-5132. Don’t hesitate to call as it is always our pleasure to answer any question you might have to ensure proper installation of this extremely effective product.

The SepAerator™ Premium Package comes with everything needed to install the package.Two of these components are explained below.

An airline adapter fitting comes with the SepAerator™ Premium package in order to attach both the airline to the Wonderfuser and the air line to the Air Particle Recirculator. PVC glue is also included to ensure a secure connection.

An outlet extender comes with the SepAerator™ Premium Package and will make it easy to install the Air Particle Recirculator to the outlet pipe inside the septic tank. Many times the 4 inch pipe exiting the septic tank does not extend into the tank far enough to mount the Air Particle Recirculator. The outlet extender easily solves this problem by installing with friction fit inside the discharge pipe. By design it will lock in place an allow for a simple hookup of the Air Particle Recirculator.